ACCESS Application Requirements: Fall 2019

Application Deadline is December 1, 2018.

Dear applicant and family,
Thank you for your interest in ACCESS at Mississippi State University. Some of the application process can be completed online; however, there are medical and educational documents that we can only accept by mail. Please collect all required documentation and mail one packet to ACCESS. Application packets must be submitted or postmarked by December 1, 2018. Once your application packet is complete, it will be reviewed. Chosen applicants will be contacted for an interview by January 14, 2019.

  1. ACCESS Online Application
  2. The following documents must be submitted by mail:

  3. Student Application Questionnaire
  4. MSU Application
  5. High School Transcript (when available)
  6. Current photograph of the applicant
  7. Applicant’s resume (include all employment, volunteer, and VR experiences)
  8. One Personal Letter of Reference (may be submitted with application packet)
  9. Two Letters of Recommendation
    • ACCESS requires an Educator Letter of Recommendation and an Employer Letter of Recommendation.
    • Educator Letter of Recommendation – Must be completed and submitted by the applicant’s current or most recent IEP case manager.
    • Employer Letter of Recommendation – Must be completed and submitted by the applicant’s current or most recent supervisor (An employer or volunteer supervisor may complete form).
    • If the applicant is unable to submit one of the Letters of Recommendation forms due to circumstances, please complete two of the same Letters of Recommendation. (Ex. 1: An applicant is a senior and has no work or volunteer experience. This applicant will need to submit two Educator Letters of Recommendation. Ex. 2: An applicant graduated high school five years ago. This applicant will need to submit two Employer Letters of Recommendation.)
    • The individual completing the Letters of Recommendation needs to have worked with the applicant within the past two years.
    • Letters of Recommendations must be submitted to ACCESS by the referrer via mail or email. Letters submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.
  10. Psychological-Educational Evaluation
    • Evaluations must have been conducted after October 1, 2015.
    • Required: IQ score and achievement assessments
    • Recommended: Adaptive Assessment
  11. Most recent IEP in its entirety
  12. Applicable related service assessments (Speech, PT, OT, Assistive Technology, etc.)
  13. BIP, if applicable

All required documents must be submitted in order for applicant packet to be reviewed.

Application Checklist 2019 (pdf)