Hanging Out At the Junction

Social opportunities are defining moments of all college-aged students. In order to increase social skills, ACCESS students participate in a wide range of social events, organizations, activities, clubs, and recreational events. Socialization among peers generates self-esteem and healthy, authentic friendships that last a lifetime.

Students are paired with up to five Peer Mentors that help students improve skills: Academic, Meal, Employment, Social, and Wellness Mentors. The Social Mentors provide support to ACCESS students by teaching and modeling safe and healthy social skills.


ACCESS Playing Some BasketballACCESS often organizes events for the entire ACCESS team which consists of a minimum of approximately 40 individuals. See what ACCESS students have been up to this year!

  • Banquets-At the beginning of the year, ACCESS welcomes students with a Beginning of the Year Banquet for students and families. We also host an End of the Year Banquet to celebrate the students' accomplishments and successes throughout the year.
  • Group Meals-ACCESS students enjoy each other's company and often plan meals to spend time with others.
  • Team Athletics-This year, ACCESS joined the Special Olympics College Unified Sports League. The students played softball in the fall, and they will play basketball and soccer in the spring.
  • Holiday Parties
  • Game Nights

MSU Events

At the Big GameThere is never a lack of things to do on the campus of Mississippi State. ACCESS students enjoy participating in various events, and the MSU student population is always very receptive and welcoming to students with disabilities. Check out what's been happening at MSU!

  • Athletic Events
  • Charity Functions
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Greek Life Events
  • Community Events