Career Development

At Computer DeskCareer Development is a large component of ACCESS. MSU ACCESS will promote integrated work experiences and career skills that enhance opportunities for gainful employment. Students in ACCESS are placed in practicums based on their interests and strengths. Practicums are diverse in nature and may be on campus or in the community. Each semester, students will take a Career Development class along with labs and workshops.Flowers

The Internship Program

The goal of ACCESS is to ensure that students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities participate fully in all aspects of college life, graduate from the program, and transition to their chosen employment and living situations, having become proficient in self-advocacy and self-determination.

Starting in the Spring semester of their Freshmen year, students will begin internships which will be assigned to them every semester until they graduate. Every attempt is made to pair students with jobs that match their interests and align with their chosen majors. By the time ACCESS students graduate, they will have had experience working at a minimum of 7 different internships and will have generated a detailed portfolio.Washing

Internships are educational in nature and used as stepping stones towards future internships and eventually employment. Students are carefully monitored, learning goals are created to increase employability skills, new areas of interests are developed, and workplace socialization is fostered. Students are given the opportunity to experience real work-related issues in a supportive environment. While students learn invaluable skills, employers and fellow employees experience working with persons with IDD, many for the first time. This is a crucial first step to enhancing workplace diversity and opening doors to potential employment.Packaging

Internship Schedule for ACCESS Students
Freshmen & Sophomores – On-campus worksite with 3 hours/week minimum
Juniors - On-campus worksite with 6 hours/week minimum
Seniors – Off-campus worksite with 10 hours/minimum