The ACCESS team tailors each student’s academic plan to his/her interests and strengths. There are eleven life-skills courses taught by ACCESS instructors and graduate assistants. These courses focus on social skills, independent living skills, and employment skills and are taught in real-world settings. ACCESS classes are fully inclusive and are open to all students at MSU.

ACCESS students are required to take a minimum of 12 hours per semester. Depending on a student's classification, students will take 1 to 3 ACCESS classes per semester. In addition to ACCESS courses, students will also choose at least one class per semester to audit or take for credit. The audit/credit courses are based on the students’ interests and chosen majors, if applicable.

All students are assigned an Academic Advisor who will help them plan classes and choose majors. With guidance from the ACCESS staff and Academic Advisors, students will choose a work specialty area or a “major” by the end of their sophomore year. Choosing a major helps students set goals, work towards accomplishing their goals, and ultimately achieve them. ACCESS students are also paired with Academic Mentors who help them build academic skills and positive study habits, and provide one-on-one tutoring.

Students who successfully complete all four years of ACCESS receive a certificate of completion and will participate in MSU’s graduation ceremonies.

ACCESS 4 Year Curriculum